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Through a partnership with Ironwood High School and Sunset Badminton, we are happy to offer six courts of open-to-the-public badminton on select weeknights throughout the year. Please check our public calendar for open nights. Open nights are typically on Wednesdays but can change depending on gym availability.

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Ironwood High School New Gym

6051 W Sweetwater Ave, Glendale, AZ 85304

Open Gym Rules

Sunset Badminton operates on a philosophy different from most other sports businesses. We take fairness, attitude, character, friendliness, sportsmanship, and courtesy very seriously. Anyone who cannot exhibit the positive aspects of these characteristics at an open gym will be asked to leave and not return. The following rules apply to everyone who attends open gym: 

  1. All players must sign a release (first time only), present their government or school-issued ID, and pay the drop-in fee before entering the gym. There are no refunds.
  2. Players will play one doubles game (when people are waiting) to 21 or a max of 25 min (whichever comes first) and must rotate off. The score must be said aloud before every serve. This ensures a quick turnaround so that wait times are short.
  3. Players may only be signed up for one court at a time. No “pre-signing” for courts.
  4. All players will behave in accordance with the open gym code of conduct
  5. Small children who are not playing on a court must stay on the bleachers and cannot be running around between courts. This is for everyone’s safety.
  6. No rallying or swinging a racket unless you are on a court. The gym is too small for side rallying. 
  7. Water or non-sugary water-based drinks are the only fluids permitted in the gym (no coffee, Gatorade, regular sodas, etc.). Others can be stored and consumed outside if desired.
  8. No food inside the gym.
  9. Clean up after yourself.
  10. No training is permitted. Quick tips are fine.
  11. No hanging on the nets or mistreating any equipment or gym fixtures.
Digital payment only (no cash)
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