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Racket Stringing

Professional racket stringing for P.E., team, and personal badminton rackets

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About our stringing Service

Coach Ching was professionally trained as a badminton stinger at San Diego Badminton Supply and actively strung for a number of years during high school and college. He is also the only listed ERSA Certified Master Professional Badminton Stringer in the USA. We are an Ashaway and Victor string supplier and we string on a professional electronic constant-tension Gamma X-ELS machine! We will inspect your racket for wear and cracks and make tension recommendations. We always replace worn grommets as necessary. You have the option of requesting 10% pre-stretch.

We can string your racket in one of two ways (though most people can’t tell the difference):

1. Modified Yonex 2-string method – This is our default method as it is tried and true! We string the crosses at 2lb above the mains to maintain head shape and string tension.

2. Modified Haribito 1-string method – This method is by request and is a popular tennis method that has shown some popularity in badminton.

We service schools & Teams!

High schools with badminton programs no longer have to take their rackets across the valley or to non-badminton stringers to get their P.E. or team rackets restrung! We’ll swing by and pick up all your rackets and drop them off once they have been restrung.

Bulk (10+) and team discounts available!

What string should I get?

That depends on your playing style, how often you play, and what level of player you are. Reach out to us before you purchase and we can make some recommendations.

What tension should I get?

Tension has a significant impact on playability and should be selected wisely.

Lower Tension: Tensions in the 20-23lb range are recommended for entry level players who have trouble reaching the back court. Lower tensions provide more of a trampoline effect (called repulsion) and can provide more power in a swing. Lower tensions also create a larger sweet spot on the racket thus increasing a player’s likelihood of making a good shot.

Higher Tension: Tensions of 24lb+ are recommended for intermediate and advanced-level players and players who can already generate power through swing technique and demand high control from their strings. Higher tension also creates a smaller sweet spot making it more important for the player to know how to consistently hit the shuttle correctly. When hit correctly, players can expect high levels of power and control. 

We are an authorized Ashaway Racket string supplier!

Stringing Prices

We have a simple pricing structure of a set $15 labor price plus the cost of your choice of string. Turnaround time can vary but we strive for 3 days. Strings are guaranteed for 30 days! Shop the strings below and we will reach out to schedule pickup/dropoff. Prices at our store include labor and string!