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High-quality competitive badminton training for serious players

About Training

Sunset Badminton offers select group training every Saturday for four hours located in North Glendale (59th and Cactus). We typically train between 1-5 pm but check the calendar. Our JV class is designed for entry-level players who have not competed before whereas our Varsity class is for intermediate to experienced players. All players should be serious in their intention to improve as training will consist of conditioning, footwork, shot/feeder drills, strategy, and practice play where you will practice what you just learned. Participating players and parents must agree to the Sunset Badminton Code of Conduct and Training Agreement

To assist us and ensure all students get appropriate coaching, we have eight(!) assistant coaches! That means at minimum, we have on average, a 4:1 student-to-coach ratio.

It is important to know that we do not offer training solely to make money; we do it because we love the sport, love to see kids grow in the sport, and want to help foster a badminton community here in the West Valley! Unfortunately, court rental and shuttles aren’t free and we simply can’t offer it at cost to everyone or else there might be too much demand!

Focus and Mission

The mission of Sunset Badminton Training is to develop player’s conditioning, skills, competitiveness, and sportsmanship in a rigorous yet fun way. We do this in a team-oriented manner and look upon the training cohort as a competitive team in every sense of the word. By joining our training program you are joining a team! Many friendships have been made between students in our classes :). 

Our Varsity class has the opportunity to participate in our traveling team! This is not required but is very highly encouraged and your interest in tournament play will be a factor in joining the team. Think of this team like any other competitive sports team. We train, have uniforms, travel, compete, fundraise, and support each other.

Who can Join?

We’d love for everyone to join! Unfortunately, there’s just not enough space or time. Those interested in training should reach out to us first so we can chat and see if we’d all be a good fit for each other. There are some basic skill requirements to join (you can rally, serve, do some basic shots) but we don’t expect a high level of competitive play. Team slots are open to Varsity trainees only.

Do you offer individual training?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer individual training at this time. Between gym availability and Coach Ching’s time limitations, we as a family have determined that group training is the only feasible option. This lets the most people benefit from training while building a sense of team and community between players in the area.

High School Team Training

For local high schools, we offer small and large-group training clinics. If you are looking to run a summer clinic to spark tryout interest or you want to get your varsity team back into the swing of things before the season starts; you provide the gym and we’ll provide the training plan! We offer two models:

Open Clinic/Training

School-sponsored clinics open to multiple schools, age ranges, and abilities. 

Team Training/Season Prep

Single-school team training camp for existing teams and incoming Freshman to tuneup for the upcoming season.

Training Prices

Price includes court rental, training, supervised practice, multiple assistant coaches, shuttles, and a 15% discount on supplies!


2 hours/week; two-session commitment per month


Varsity Assistant Coach (10 years experience)


Varsity Jr Assistant Coach (4 years experience)


Varsity Jr Assistant Coach (4 years experience)


JV Jr Assistant Coach (4 years experience)


JV Jr Assistant Coach (3 years experience)


JV Jr Assistant Coach (5 years experience)


JV Jr Assistant Coach (3 years experience)


JV Jr Assistant Coach (3 years experience)