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Training Agreement

Training Program Agreement

Training Agreement - 3/4/2024

  1. Training occurs through a “credits” system where class credits can be purchased in bulk ahead of time. Purchasing credits is different for Peoria District students vs non-Peoria District students:
    1. Non-Peoria Unified Students, credits can be purchased here.
      1. There are discounts for purchasing at least two months at a time.
    2. Peoria Unified District students, credits can be purchased here. Please see the instructions for purchase here.
    3. This is a departure from the previous recurring monthly billing method. The credit system makes things a lot simpler for us and gives parents more flexibility around illness, vacations, etc. as is described below.
  2. New students must do a trial day so they can be assessed to determine which class they should be placed in. Purchasing class credits without an assessment and Sunset Badminton approval does not guarantee admission to the camps/training or a specific class.
  3. This part is very important! To ensure a certain level of commitment and consistency with the credit system and to help us plan for class sessions and prevent overcrowding, students must use at least two credits per calendar month. This is how we determine if a student is still in the program:
    1. Attending a single class uses a credit.
    2. If less than two credits are used per month, we will “consume” credits until at least two are used. This calculation/adjustment is done after the last training day of the calendar month. This policy replaces the holding fee, provides an additional flex day for students (previously, we only credited one day per month), and helps ensure a consistent enrollment count/cap.
    3. For instance, if your student attends the first session of the month but cannot attend the remaining three, then we will “consume” one credit so that they have used the minimum of two per calendar month. This ensures that their spot in the program is maintained.
    4. Credits cannot be refunded though they may be held indefinitely if not consumed.
  4. If a student knows that they will be unable to attend class, especially for an extended period (e.g. a month or more), they or their parents must contact us and let us know. We try our best to work with everyone as circumstances arise but we must strike a balance between student commitment and allowing other students to enter the program.
    1. While we are on a credit system with more flexibility, we still need to know estimated class sizes and the expectation is always that students will attend class each week.
    2. If a student is consistently absent or takes long recurring breaks (e.g. multiple weeks off every other month, regardless of credits consumed), we may remove that student from the program as it shows a lack of commitment to the sport and the program.
  5. We reserve the right to select which trainees we accept into/keep in the program. This determination is based on a combination of coachability, attitude, character, effort, respect (to coaches and players), spot availability, and skill fit.