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Training Agreement

Training Program Agreement

Training Agreement - 10/15/2022

  1. A registration fee of $25 will be applied to a trainee’s first recurring bill. This helps prevent people from continually quitting and joining and disrupting training/team cohesion.
  2. All trainees or their guardians must set up monthly automated recurring payments through our payment processor. We do not accept manual monthly payments.
  3. All monthly fees must be paid by the 7th day of the month. Trainees cannot participate after seven (7) days unless their bill is paid in full for the month. If this happens more than once, trainees may be removed from the program.
  4.  Late or missed payments are grounds for removal from the training program. We will try our best to work with you when special circumstances arise. 
  5. Trainees are permitted to miss, and thus be credited for, one (1) session a month. This credit will appear on the next month’s bill. Longer absences must be communicated to us as soon as possible. For known long absences (out of the country for 3+ weeks), we ask that you let us know at least a month in advance and we do require a $50/month reservation fee. This helps us offset the continued court rental and vacant spot during the trainee’s absence.
  6. Our monthly training fee assumes a normal 4 weeks/month. Of course, some months have five (5) weeks and in those months the additional week ((monthly fee/4) * 5 = monthly bill) will be added to the statement.
  7. Cancellations or closures by Sunset Badminton will either not be charged (if known ahead of time; e.g. holidays) or credited in the next month’s bill for unexpected closures. 
  8. We reserve the right to select which trainees we accept into/keep in the program. This determination is basaed on a combination of: coachability, attitude, character, effort, respect (to coaches and players), spot availability, and skill fit.