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Open Badminton at Ironwood High School

Five courts of open badminton


Open-to-the-public indoor badminton on five (5) courts


Ironwood High School (New Gym)


5:30 PM – 8:30 PM Wednesday nights

Cost (cash only)

$10 for adults
$5 for students 18 and under


Doubles only when people are waiting. 30 minute rotation for each court. No double signups. Players must signup for courts at the check-in desk.

Liability Waiver is Required

All participants must sign a liability waiver. Parents/Guardians of minors must sign the waiver for them. Upon arrival, we will ask for the signer’s email to verify the waiver has been signed. 

Ironwood high school map
Ironwood High School's New Gym

The Details


Sunset Badminton, in collaboration with Ironwood High School, is happy to host open badminton on Wednesday nights! Please check our public calendar for open nights. We make an effort to host every Wednesday, but some nights we are unable to do so. Please join our Discord server and check the #open-gym channel, before you come to play, for last-minute notices, including closures!!!


Each player must pay to enter the gym. Adults are $10 and students (high school and elementary/middle school) 18 and under are $5. Sorry, but there are no refunds after entrance. Cash only.


All players (including students) must bring their own rackets and shuttles. No equipment is provided.


By entering the gym, you agree to follow these rules:

  1. You may not have any food or drink, except water, in the gym.
  2. Non-marking court shoes are required.
  3. You may not use foul language, engage in unsportsmanlike conduct, or display physical/aggressive behavior. 
  4. Do not lean or hang on the nets.
  5. You must adhere to the Rotation and Court Sharing rules below.
  6. We, nor Ironwood High School, are responsible for lost or stolen items.  
  7. Young children who are not playing must remain seated in the designated seating area. This is for their safety.
  8. There is no “side play” or hitting/rallying outside of a designated badminton court.
  9. When walking around the gym, please do not step in other player’s courts.
  10. An adult must accompany any minor under the age of 14 while in the gym. 
  11. Mutual respect, courtesy, and sportsmanship are required character traits of all participants.
Rotation and Court Sharing (please read carefully)

One player from a group must sign up for a court at the check-in desk. No double signups! For instance, if there are four in your party, only one person in your party can signup for a court at one time. You cannot be playing on one court and still be registered for a future court time (there is one exception outlined below).

Doubles (4 players) only when people are waiting. Once on a court, players have 30 minutes of play time then all players must rotate off and sign up again for another court.  Players violating this rule will get one warning before being asked to leave. Repeat offenders will lose access to future open gym nights.

When your time is up, you must finish your current point and vacate the court. No asking the oncoming players to “let you finish the game.” It does not matter how close to finishing you are!

If you have signed up for a court and are not on that court within 5 min of your start time, that court is now open to the next person who signed up for it (their end time will be adjusted for an additional 5 min). If nobody is signed up, it becomes open for free play to anyone waiting; no further signups required. 

Since this is the most contentious aspect of open badminton, here are some examples:

  1. Four players – You arrive at 6:50 PM with at least four friends to play with. One of you signs up for the next available court (Court 2 at 7PM) at the check-in desk. At 7PM, four of you politely let the current players on Court 2 know that their time is up. You play!
  2. Two players – You arrive with a friend and one of you signs up for the next available court. If there are no other players waiting, great, you can play singles! If there are others waiting, you will either need to find two other players or let two other waiting players join you; you cannot say no. However, you can play half-court singes; you do not need to play a real doubles game. Players who are already signed up and waiting for a court may still play in this scenario and not lose their pending court time as long as they leave the court and play on the court they have previously reserved. If nobody is interested in joining you after the first 5 minutes of getting on the court, then you may play singles.
  3. One player: You arrive by yourself hoping to find people to play with. You can still signup for a court and we will try to find players to play with you. Alternatively, once on the court, you can raise your racket to let others know your court is open for people to join.
  4. You are waiting for your court and notice two players have just jumped on a court. Since there are people waiting (you), you go over and ask if you can join them until your court becomes available. They must say yes since it’s within 5 min of them getting on the court so you join them and hit around a bit. Once your court becomes available, you thank them and join your party on your reserved court.