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Our favorite badminton YouTubers for training and reviews


We wanted to share a list of some of our favorite badminton YouTubers for player who are seeking ideas and guidance on training, review, and more. All of these folks have fantastic content and video quality. We’re listing a number of them here since each of them approaches their advice and training guidance a bit differently so we recommend you check out more than one content creator’s video on a particular topic. For instance, if you are looking for advice on smashes, 

Badminton Insight

The husband and wife pair of Greg and Jenny out of England make some fantastic badminton videos on everything from training to strategy to vlogs at major international tournaments. The video quality is fantastic, they are very entertaining, and the breadth of topics is great.

Tobias Wadenka

Tobias is a pro-level player out of Germany who puts out some really good training videos. He also has a lot of great at-home badminton-specific workouts that he created during lockdown.

Badminton Famly

Badminton Famly (yes, missing the “i”) is run by former Danish pro player Thomas Laybourn. he covers many of the same kinds of shots and drills that Badminton Insight and Tobias do but he breaks them down in a slightly different way. Again, lots of great variety of content here!

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